A fresh approach to increasing populations and rising water levels

Kabina is taking a fresh approach to living with water, whether it's making great new use of redundant City docks and waterfronts or creating stunning new flood-adaptive homes for flood zones.

Kabina's vision is for a world where people live happily with increasing water levels and flows. 

Kabina's mission is to work with water by using adaptive technologies based on proven marine principles.

Societies are dynamic, populations are increasing and water levels and flows are subject to climate change. Kabina believes that we all need a new, imaginative approach, informed by sound technology, to meet these challenges.

Kabina's activities include research and development, influencing opinion-formers, identifying dock and flood sites for imaginative development and helping the real estate industry to adapt to a new world.

If you would like to find out more about Kabina® please contact Guy Lane.


The latest from Kabina

Kabina granted patent for its new flood-adaptive homes technology

04 January 2021

Kabina granted patent for its new flood-adaptive homes techn...

Kabina has been granted a patent for its foundation system for fully flood-adaptive new homes, specifically designed for UK flood plains.

Planners need to embrace building innovation

16 December 2019

Planners need to embrace building innovation...

Scenes of devastation from the recent UK floods would suggest the last thing we should be doing is building more homes in areas at risk of flooding...

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