Environmental monitoring and reporting

28 September 2015

View from Guy Lane, Marketing Director

Kabina® subscribes to the accepted view that sustainability breaks down into economic, social and environmental core areas.

We are fortunate to have Dr Mike Groves in our team. Mike is an acknowledged expert in environmental management and reporting and we have been working with him on that aspect of our sustainability strategy and methodology.

Mike's company, Topolytics, is a highly innovative software business. It has developed and rolled out new ways for organisations to monitor and report on environmental impacts and risks in real time. Working with Mike we have created a Kabina sustainability wheel and will be using this as a means to assess our performance. We have also developed our own Topolytics online monitoring and reporting system for all Kabina vessels.

In March 2015, Mike pitched Topolytics in the Entrepreneur Showcase at Cleantech Forum in San Francisco - the only UK company to do so. As a result, TechRepublic selected Topolytics as one of the ten most promising cleantech startups.

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Mike Groves said: "Kabina® is highly innovative like Topolytics. It recognises the win-win that comes with high quality management of environmental risk. Together we will deliver state-of-the-art environmental management and monitoring for the benefit of all stakeholders. This will be a key part of Kabina®'s corporate governance."

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