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Neil Cheston and Guy Lane founded Kabina®, a UK company, in 2014. The company aims to help people to live with and around water, particularly in areas of the world prone to flooding. 

Kabina's ethos is to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits through intelligent innovation. Kabina®’s essence is ‘Of our time’.

Kabina's diverse team of consultants includes floating structure and naval architects; real estate specialists; marine technicians and project managers; urban planners; modular housing specialists; facilities managers and nutrition consultants; and sustainability consultants.

Kabina is supported by family office investors.

Kabina is responding to well-documented and accelerating trends: climate change; unprecedented weather events and their consequences to people and property; and the need to build new homes, particularly in river valleys in or close to existing infrastructure.

Kabina is a registered trademark.

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