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Waterfront cities can all have ‘floating Apps’ to solve their problems

07 July 2016

By Guy Lane, Marketing Director

The population is rising, people are travelling more, the climate is changing… and the rate of change is increasing… yet port and harbour cities are stuck in the past, trying to use the same old rigid urban planning template to meet today’s challenges.

Cities need flexibility, plug ’n’ play, new functions, and new spaces. Cities need a new invention like the elevator that enabled skyscrapers.

The answer is staring us in the face. The cities’ waterfronts – harbours, bays, rivers and redundant ports! Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, New York, San Francisco, Monaco. Everywhere you go there are water spaces ideal for ‘floating Apps’ that are flexible, reusable, instant solutions. You don’t have to reclaim land as they are doing in London and Monaco. We can use proven technology (floating foundations using foam and concrete) to create apartments, restaurants, roads, forests, hotels, leisure islands… whatever we want.

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