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Kabina® develops design for city accommodation vessel

05 October 2015

The Kabina® team is developing an apartment vessel as an alternative to its floating hotel concept.

Cities with limited accommodation and attractive waterfronts are looking at imaginative ways to start using the water again. This is particularly true of many coastal and river cities such as Monte Carlo and London now that their waterfronts are being opened up and redeveloped.

Guy Lane, Marketing Director, Kabina®: "We think Kabina is a great solution for cities keen to develop their waterfronts. Our vessels can be tied up on piers and provide hotel, serviced apartments, affordable and student housing or office accommodation as well as amenities including theatre, gym, pool and dining. There is plenty of space on the city docks and it would be a great way for cities to reconnect with the water. Apart from all the social benefits, our state-of-the-art maritime technology is clean. Environmental impact is virtually nil."

Neil Cheston, Managing Director, Kabina®: "We have designed a 330 foot, unique vessel that can be built and operational within two years. She provides around 240,000 square feet of space to live, sleep, eat, work and play. She will shift the focus back onto waterfronts. I'm keen to work with local people to develop the design to ensure we meet the needs of all stakeholders. I see this as a great opportunity for waterfront cities to create new space by regenerating their harbours and waterfronts."

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