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“The truth is we are OK to build in floodplains if we build flood resistant houses.”

27 November 2018

So says Richard Benyon MP in support of Kabina’s approach to creating new homes in UK flood zones, and in particular in the Thames Valley, where people want and need to live.

‘Flood resilience’ in UK Government parlance refers to traditional homes that get tolerably wet (ie they have, for example, ramps, front door flood barriers/gates, raised sockets, sacrificial basements & garages, etc).

Kabina’s approach to this is that ‘flood resilience’ illustrates a ‘sand-bag’ methodology which needs to be replaced with robust, fully flood-proof technology that ensures the homes remain dry at all times, whatever the flood condition. The UK Government term for this alternative approach is ‘flood resistant’.

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Editor’s notes:
Neil Cheston and Guy Lane founded Kabina, a UK company, to work with water not against it. Our ethos is to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits through intelligent innovation. Kabina’s essence is ‘Of our time’.

Kabina's diverse and expert team includes acknowledged naval architects; real estate professionals; urban planners; offsite housing manufacturers; and environmental specialists.

Kabina® is responding to well-documented and accelerating trends: climate change; unprecedented weather events and their consequences; and the need to build new homes for the 21st century.


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