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Update on Kabina®'s new homes for a changing climate

18 July 2017


  • Kabina® has:
  • - Shortlisted its first Thames Valley sites and is in the process of securing a five year option on its first land purchase
  • - Held positive discussions with the Environment Agency regarding our sustainable approach to developing homes in flood zones
  • - Begun discussions with underwriters’ technical teams so that our foundation system can be insured and assured
  • - Established supply chain partnerships for the reliable supply of high quality homes and infrastructure, with QS support from Gardiner & Theobald
  • - Started work with WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust) to ensure Kabina sites will provide protected habitats for nesting birds
  • - Designed the new Kabina Deckhome, inspired by Japanese proportions
  • - Started the patent process for our house foundation technology
  • - Conducted meetings with potential capital providers (including high net worth individuals and the Homes & Communities Agency Fund) who see the potential for Kabina’s new homes designed for climate change

Neil Cheston: "It’s been a busy year and we’re now closing in on our first site, a terrific flood zone location in the Thames Valley. We’ve developed our house design and site methodology such that we now have a compelling case for sustainability. Our plan is to take neighbourhood homes out of flood risk by creating residential developments within swales and flood cells. This means that we will be a net contributor to flood management and at the same time be creating great new homes for people to live in. Kabina can therefore help meet the national need for new homes, provide a cool new lifestyle and have a positive effect on flood management".

For more information please contact:

Neil Cheston, MD,
tel 00 33 612 103733

Guy Lane, Marketing Director,
tel 07798 832576

Kabina Ltd
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Kabina is a registered trademark.

Editor’s notes:
Neil Cheston and Guy Lane founded Kabina, a UK company, to work with water not against it. Our ethos is to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits through intelligent innovation. Kabina’s essence is ‘Of our time’.

Kabina's diverse and expert team includes acknowledged naval architects; real estate professionals; urban planners; offsite housing manufacturers; and environmental specialists.

Kabina® is responding to well-documented and accelerating trends: climate change; unprecedented weather events and their consequences; and the need to build new homes for the 21st century.


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