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04 January 2021

Kabina granted patent for its new flood-adaptive homes technology

16 December 2019

Planners need to embrace building innovation

Scenes of devastation from the recent UK floods would suggest the last thing we should be doing is building more homes in areas at risk of flooding

07 October 2019

The best way to build homes on land exposed to river flooding

The Romans developed wonderful waterflow systems across their empire. It seems reasonable to suppose that we could achieve this 2,000 years later.

21 August 2019

Live with the water, not against it

"It's good to see the gradual shift in attitudes in Britain towards building homes and living in flood areas."

05 July 2019

Kabina launches new Thames Valley research findings...

Kabina has issued its new research project in the form of a multi-layered map to demonstrate the great potential for new secure homes in the Thames Valley

21 May 2019

Why it's time to allow building in floodzones

Compared to the physical challenges already overcome in some parts of the world, living with the occasional brief flood event in the UK should be relatively simple

27 November 2018

The truth is we are OK to build in floodplains if we build flood resistant houses.”

Richard Benyon MP supports Kabina’s approach to creating new homes in UK flood zones

16 October 2018

Liverpool floating community moves a step further

Kabina is advising Peel Land and Property Group on its Liverpool Waters development

04 April 2018

Can we build homes in floodzones?

Since the publication of the NPPF in 2012 considerable advances have been made in the development of fully flood proof homes. Should these advancements be reflected in the upcoming update to the NPPF?

23 January 2018

Networking event calls for more support for start-ups

Guy Lane spoke at McBrides’ Finance and Business Breakfast on the challenges of being a start-up and accessing finance

11 September 2017

September update on Kabina®

An update on abina®'s recent activity.

18 July 2017

Update on Kabina®'s homes for a changing climate

An update on Kabina®'s recent activity.

27 January 2017

Update on Kabina®'s floodproof homes

Kabina®'s Development Director Rick Deakin has been looking for, and has shortlisted, a number of suitable sites for our development.

18 November 2016

Kabina® looking for flood zone sites in the Thames Valley

Kabina® is looking to build flood-resilient housing developments in UK flood zones, principally in the Thames Valley area.

30 August 2016

Kabina® to focus on building new floodproof homes

Kabina® is to focus on building new homes in flood risk areas across the UK.

07 July 2016

'Floating apps' for waterfront cities

Cities need flexibility to continue to prosper and grow; they need plug ’n’ play functions and new spaces.

27 June 2016

Kabina® designs new floating apartments for London docklands

Kabina® designs £250k apartments for Londoners, with spacefor 2,000 starter homes on the docks

18 January 2016

Kabina® appoints leading Dutch Architect

Kabina® has engaged Waterstudio NL in Rotterdam to develop proposals for London Docklands.

05 October 2015

Kabina® develops design for city accommodation vessel

The Kabina® team is developing an apartment vessel as an alternative to its floating hotel concept.

28 August 2015

Kabina® in the USA

The Kabina® team is discussing possible sites for its accommodation vessels with city planners and interest groups in the USA.

28 August 2015

Environmental monitoring and reporting

Guy Lane, Marketing Director, shares his thoughts on environmental monitoring and reporting.

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